Brazilian market leader in aluminum recycling for over 20 years

Latasa Reciclagem

Brazilian market leader in aluminum recycling for over 20 years, Latasa Reciclagem serves all regions of Brazil. 25 Collection Centers, distributed in 14 states, and four Recycling Plants, two of them in the city of Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo, and one in Itaquaquecetuba, in the same state, process over 200 thousand tons of aluminum scrap per year.

On the market since 1991, the company established itself by pioneering the deployment of the integrated collection and smelting scrap aluminum cans. Collection Centers of Latasa/Garimpeiro Urbano buy several types of aluminum scrap of small, medium and large suppliers and cooperatives, and from this step, the company produces with recycled material, liquid aluminum, ingots, aluminum alloys, Deox, RSI Plates and Aluminum Bar. The integrated system enables the collection, through recycling, before finally returning to supermarket shelves.

Latasa is part of the holding Recicla BR, manager of a range of industries in the field of recycling, and its main pillars are ethics, respect for human life, sustainability, social responsibility and financial relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. Visit the website for more information

Much more than just recycling, the Company Latasa seeks the perfect functioning of the recycling process, integrating it to the environment and society. Economically viable, environmentally correct and socially just. For the coming years, Latasa will have as a challenge to grow, to dare, and to innovate while respecting the principles of the brand, employees, customers, suppliers, partners and society.

National Presence

National Presence

latasa does part:

Latasa is a member of the largest institutions in the sector:

Knowing ReciclaBR

Knowing Latasa

Mission, Vision and Values


Ensuring the quality of recycled aluminum supplied to our clients, assisting them with commitment, diligence and responsibility


To be recognized as the best recycling company in Brazil.


  • Social and Financial Responsibility
  • Customer Focus
  • Motivated people with strong initiative
  • Sustainability


Latasa Reciclagem was founded in 1991, being the pioneer in the aluminum recycling in the implementation of the integrated collection and casting. Ten years later, in 2001, the company achieves the market leadership. In 2013 Latasa Reciclagem implemented systems and certifications that ensure product quality and sustainable process of the brand.

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