Know some numbers that show the extent of Latasa

Latasa in numbers

Thirteen  States

Largest Brazilian company of aluminum recycling, Latasa Reciclagem is present in 14 states, serving all regions of Brazil with quality and competence.

Over 200.000 tons of aluminum - or 7.5 trillion beverage cans - pass annually through its 25 Collection Centers and the four Recycling Plants of the company.

The recycled aluminum production saves 95% of electricity in relation to the process of production of primary aluminum. It is therefore environmentally friendly, too, in its production process.

R$ 947 milion were injected directly into national economy by aluminum cans collection, in 2016 it is pointed by ABAL (BAA) (Brazilian Aluminum Association) and Abralatas (Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Highly Recyclable Cans).

Thirteen estados