Aluminum for delivery in pre-set time.

Liquid Aluminum

Liquid aluminum is the name given to the metal when it is melted at 700°C, changing its physical state from solid to liquid. The alloy in this state, widely used by industries, is the main product of Latasa.

The liquid aluminum is used as a base for making other products such as ingots, for example. The advantages of opting for metal in this state are numerous:

  • Reducing the cost of inventory since it does not require storage;
  • Area gain in casting;
  • Saving energy, holding furnaces consume less than the melting furnaces;
  • Installation cost (melting furnaces ovens cost more than expected);
  • Economics of inputs remelt ingots;
  • Reduction in process time and labor required in the re-smelting process;
  • Elimination of losses re-smelting and reduction in waste generation;
  • Increased working capital on the raw material;
  • Receiving treated alloy without remelting need;

Besides the benefits of the net, to opt for the services of Latasa, the company ensures:

  • Just in time Delivery (JIT).

Latasa Recycling features an integrated logistics, especially designed for delivery of liquid aluminum. Special pots are used for the transport capacity of 3 to 7 tons, the material contained therein to a temperature of approximately 780°C.